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My Coaching Philosophy

There were piles and piles of dried bones. Brittle and cracking, broken and dull. In that desolate place, that God challenges Ezekiel to see sinews, breath, and life in the valley.

There is certainly no shortness of challenges ahead for Christian leaders: impact of the pandemic, racism/white supremacy, and social, economic, political, and theological divides. Yet God calls us to serve with courage and creativity in this time and this place. Can you see connective tissue, breath, and life in the midst of the uncertain circumstances before the Church?

I believe that curiosity invites people of faith on a journey toward discovery. Coaching is one way for leaders to learn and grow by uncovering the insights that dwell within. You will dig deeply to unearth truths for exploration. We will examine the treasures you find with a non-judgmental openness, brushing away the dust to see each discovery clearly. Once brought to the surface, you will be invited to piece together and implement actions, accomplish goals, and vision a way forward.